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Alice, We are so thankful you were so generous to recommend a local agent to help us sell our land here. Sharlyn is beyond awesome! She has been thorough, informative, very reachable, and super friendly! We went under contract 10 days after listing for a very respectable amount.

Again, just wanted to thank you for the hook up! Both of you are the best realtors we’ve met :)! Keep up the great work!

Sabrina W.

Best Realtors!

Determined. Driven. Caring. Respectful. These are just a few words to describe Alice. She is determined to find a better way to get a job done in the most effective way possible. She is driven to deliver the best experience and product in a timely manner. She is caring in the fact that she will do what is right for you and your family; as if, you were her own. She is respectful, and in today’s society of “me-myself-and-I” is simply refreshing! She will go above and beyond to find what you need in a timely manner with no complaints. I would work with Alice again in the future, if the opportunity were to arise!

Kelsie W.